Born of Blood

The Story Thus Far

A brief synopsis of what's happened thus far...

March 25, 2013 – A lot has gone on so far, and there’s no way to do it justice, so for now, this is going to be painfully incomplete. As the game progresses, I will be posting updates here after each session, and do my best to flesh out the sessions that have gone before.

There were two stories to the prologue – “Little Boy Lost” and “Bordertown”.

“Little Boy Lost” opened the game and introduced the first two player characters, Douglas and Diego. The setting was NYC, the year was 1995. Diego had been in town for several years and owned and operated a pawn shop that was also his front for his fencing operation. Douglas, down on his luck after been dishonorably discharged from the US Army several years prior, was staying with his best friend from high school, hoping to find a new path.

The leader of the local bike gang, The Mongols, a fellow called Mason, approached Diego and Doug about a situation he had – one of his probies had fallen into the hands of a Chinese Tong. Diego, who was one-quarter Chinese, had connections with said Tong and Mason was hoping he could leverage a happy compromise.

Long story short, Diego and Doug rescued the young man, but rekindled a Gang War that would run over the course of the next year.

“Bordertown” was set several months later; Doug’s boss at the Arkwright Arms introduced him to a Mister Smythe, a British businessman who needed his young ward, Devon, to be escorted about town for several days. Doug asked Diego for assistance, not having any idea of how to keep a seventeen year old boy entertained, and they agreed to show Devon around town.

Part of the events of the weekend included the Cirque du Morte, a gothic/industrial/underground rock, artist, performance, etc festival held in an abandoned subway station. The adults took Devon there, but they were attacked by two brutish men who were near eight feet in height and had the body proportions of the Incredible Hulk. They killed one while fleeing, escorting Devon to safety, and returned to the pawn shop.

That night, they found a dozen or more of these creatures, later to be known as Dark Men, surrounding the pawn shop. Devon went into a catatonic state and somehow moved the entire pawn shop to another place, somewhere between Earth and the realm of Faerie. While there, trying to figure out how to help Devon and how to return home, Douglas and Diego learned that goblins, ogres, Sidhe and more were real.

BOOK ONE starts up with Diego and Douglas having undergone a mysterious process administered by The Company, giving them superhuman abilities. Douglas has enhanced senses, the ability to sprout claws from his hands and feet, and can cloak himself in shadows, obfuscating himself from most people’s sight. Diego has gained powers of divination and the like, as well as has started furthering his occult studies, something he had only dabbled in prior to discovering that magic was, in fact, very real.

“King (of) Nothing” was the first story from the book, and involved the disappearance of Mojo Feitsh. Mojo is the cousin to an associate of theirs, Joie, as well as someone who had some experience with the Dark Men – so Doug and Diego had more than enough motivation to help Joie find her missing cousin. Eventually, this led them to an abandoned insane asylum on Long Island, where they battled a former patient who titled himself the “King of Nothing”, and commanded great power of shadows. Mojo was freed and the King (seemingly) defeated.

“Welcome to the Jungle” introduced a magical totem, an artifact from Africa, that was being smuggled into the States. Diego has a contact in US Customs, who cashed in some favours to get them to help him track down the item. They did so, but ended up being sucked inside the totem, and met a being of some power named Oxossi. After proving themselves to him, he showed them how to escape the totem, but only after subjecting Diego to a geas so that he, too, might be freed from the totem.

“Up From Below” was the first appearance of Alistair and Felicity, both affiliated (in different ways) with The Company. They were ‘assigned’ to assist Doug and Diego and Mojo in trying to find a solution to the Dark Men problem. While this story progressed, other NPCs were introduced, and random time effects began happening – apparently, at some point, time is broken and the effects were being felt. The story ended with a raid on the Dark Men’s lair, deep below the surface of Manhattan… and resulted in Diego being trapped in the year 1942, separated from his friend and associates.



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