Born of Blood

"Sailor(s) on the Seas of Fate" session five

A family reunion, Martian style.

SESSION: August 7th, 2013

CHARACTERS: Alistair, Douglas, Felicity

SETTING: The city of Lothar, Mars. The city bazaar, the professional district, the hotel district.

We pick up with the group in the bazaar (the captain and two pirates are waiting at the hotel where his daughter was staying. The PCs and Jacquotte are seeing the sights.) They’d just left an armourer’s stall, where Alistair had arranged for some armour to be made.

Outside the stall, they saw a robed figure who had apparently been following them earlier in the bazaar. The figure was seated across the concourse at an outdoor cafe, drinking some beverage. The four split up (Doug going invisible) and approached from different directions, the two ladies flanking from behind and one side.

Earlier, Doug had used his enhanced senses of smell hearing and realised that that the person was a human male, and had some clockwork mechanical parts (which he could identify by smell as one of the pirates, Noodler, had mechanical hands.)

Alistair approached the man directly; it seemed at first he wasn’t paying attention, but in fact he was. He eventually turned his head to him, and said, “Please, sit, brother.” Alistair realised that, somehow, it was his younger brother, Dougal.

Dougal slid his hood back, revealing that over thirty percent of his head was replaced by clockwork-style mechanisms, including one eye and ear. With his robotic eye, he was able to see Douglas, and invited him to join them as well. He also seemed to be aware of the two ladies (including Felicity, who was behind him.)

Everyone joined the table and drinks were ordered. Dougal revealed that he, like Alistair (and Douglas), had undergone the “augmentation” process from The Company. Though Dougal was not working for The Company, as part of the “working relationship” between the IRA and The Company, an arrangement had been worked out for several of the IRA soldiers to be augmented.

When things went poorly in North America in October 1997, the world watched for several weeks, until the madness spread. When the plants began to revolt against humanity, it became obvious things weren’t getting any better. Though he did not reveal the specifics, Dougal admitted that he came to Mars in a spacecraft about that time, where the surgeons on Mars were able to prevent his transformation into one of the Folk by cutting out the tainted parts of his body – thus the mechanical portions of his body (far more than just his head.)

He agreed to take his brother and Douglas to one of the surgeons, to have them scanned so they might learn the depth of their “infection”. This was done and the news was not very good, though Alistair’s progress was greater than Douglas’ (a fact that was not surprising, as they had learned that the Mark of Paladin Stone was slowing the effects on Doug.)

The surgeon there told them that the only way to ensure a cure was to cut away the infected areas. Neither felt this was a viable choice and declined.

The group returned to the hotel, to find that the Captain had gone out, searching for his daughter. Douglas made a move on Jacquotte, who had already made it known she was more than open to a liaison with him. The two of them rented a room, while Alistair and Felicity went to the pub on the first floor to pass the time.

Despite her attempts to not be aware, as well as the dulling effects of the Martian alcohol, Felicity could not help but sense when something went wrong. Jacquotte and Doug were interrupted, mid-coitus, when several Blue Martians appeared in their room and, using their mental magics, rendered both unconscious!



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