Born of Blood

SESSION: July 10th, 2013

CHARACTERS: Alistair, Douglas, Felicity

SETTING: Aboard the Jolly Roger, late December ~2027

When the party boarded the Jolly Roger, they helped load the crates of alcohol and other goods they’d brought with them. The crew appreciated the assistance from the newcomers, though they still regarded them warily.

They quickly learned that Felicity didn’t have to try to hide her femininity, when Jacquotte Delahaye (also known as ‘Back from the dead Red’) introduced herself to Douglas with a slap on his ass. Much amusement was taken in Doug’s surprise and discomfort at *Jacquotte*’s brazen manners.

Introductions were made; the PCs were disappointed to find that, while still a short, portly man, Mister Smee looked nothing like Bob Hoskins.

The crew began readying for departure, and the others were invited to remain on deck, but cautioned to stay out of the way. The sails were raised, men worked the rigging, and though a breeze had not blowing, something filled the sails.

The ship began to move, towards the docks; Seamus and the others, watched in amazement as the ship built up speed, far faster than any sailing ship had any right to do.

Their amazement was even greater when the ship lifted into the air and sailed above them.

As the ship flew over the city, Alistair, Felicity and Doug looked over the side of the ship, taking in the view. They noticed that the behemoth plant golem that had been ‘growing’ was no longer where it had been.

Moments later, as they passed over the pawnshop, they found out where it was. The creature was demolishing the pawnshop, smashing it into rubble! Despite her attempt, Felicity was unable to contact ‘Audrey’, much less coax the plant-intellect to stop.

The ship flew on, over Long Island (now a completely overgrown forest of trees, plants and vines), out over the Atlantic Ocean, before banking and moving back towards the mainland, going higher all the time.

Felicity instructed to bunk with Jacquotte, who had her own cabin, while the men learned they would be sleeping in the common crew areas.

Time passed; the ship continually went higher. Felicity returned to the deck and, while standing at the fore of the deck (pulling a Leonardo from Titanic – and yes, in this game world, the movie was released a year earlier, in Dec 1996, not 1997), she had a vision. Her senses tapped into the power running through the ship, and she saw a variety of energies at work, but the primary source of power was very familiar to her – it seemed to be the same power that the Dark Men exuded!

She went to the poop deck, where Captain Hook stood, observing their progress, to warn him about a possibility of trouble with Doug, if he were to find out about the presence of Dark Men on the ship.

Hook assured her that the brutish men stayed to their area, rarely interacting with the rest of the crew. He then called Doug to the deck and held him to task, warning him that he would not brook any problems with any crew members, no matter whom they were.

Douglas agreed, saying that he would not instigate any problems. That being sorted, the Captain talked to all three newcomers, trying to suss out where best they would fit into the crew. Douglas offered his services as a lookout, saying his senses would benefit the crow’s nest position.

Hook told him that, after a good rest, to report in to Sssetha, who was the head lookout. Glancing up to the crow’s nest, Doug zeroed in on the man up there, surprised to see that it was a reptilian biped who manned the position.

Alistair spoke with the captain and said while he wasn’t sure where he’d fit in, but was a quick learner and not afraid of some hard work. Appreciating the Irishman’s attitude, the captain told him to report to Bill Jukes the next ‘day’ to find out where he best might be utilised.

Felicity, in an attempt to show the captain the nature of her powers, touched him, summoning up a ‘happy moment’ for him to relive in his head. After the experience, which seemed to have a bittersweet effect on him, Hook said he would find a way for her to help out, but then ordered them to find the galley to get some food, and then retired to his quarters, leaving Smee in charge on deck.

Jacquotte took Felicity to their cabin and helped pick out some garments for Felicity to wear, something more befitting a woman than the workout clothing Felicity had scavenged in New York. Jacquotte returned to the deck as she was on duty, leaving her ‘roomie’ to herself.

Douglas introduced himself to some of the pirates in the galley and started exchanging stories, staying a while. Alistair ate and then returned to the deck, wanting to appreciate the view. The Earth was far enough below now that the continents could be seen individually.

Several pirates were sparring with cutlasses and Alistair got closer to watch; now that he carried Fragarach, he needed to learn how to handle a sword properly – he was more than proficient with knives, but hadn’t had any real experience swinging a sword.

Left to her own devices, Felicity visited the galley (while the boys were both still there, eating) and took a cup a tea with her. Stopping by the captain’s quarters, she checked in with him and delivered him the tea, saying she wanted to be sure he wasn’t upset with her.

Hook graciously accepted the tea and assured her that he was not. They chatted briefly and then she took her leave. Curious as to the presence of the Dark Men, she decided to go searching for them.

She made her way to the lowest level in the ship. On her way, she passed the general quarters, Smee’s office, several small holds, the cannons, and then eventually her destination.

The air was thick with power. At the end of the hall, there was a closed door. A thrumming, pulsing sound emanated from there. And the tell-tale stink of the Dark Men was there, too.

It took her long minutes to traverse the length of the hall. Inside, her primal self screamed for her to run, to flee. It took every ounce of focus and concentration not to do that. Several times, she even backtracked… but she managed to keep going forward.

The power she sensed called to her, as well. Much like the focused chi that she tapped into when they approached where the goblins were building their portal, back in A CHRISTMAS CAROL , it had a seductive undertone for her. The closer she got, the greater her fear grew, the louder her flight instinct shouted, but also the more the power called to her.

Standing several feet from the door, about to turn around again, perhaps to leave for real, she hesitated.

The door opened.

On the decks, Alistair had introduced himself to the sparring pirates. One of them, a heavily tattooed man, turned out to be Bill, the man he’d be shadowing the next day. Alistair told them he’d recently come into possession of a sword and needed to learn how to use it.

Bill asked if he might handle Fragarach, as it wasn’t similar in form to a cutlass. The Irish broadsword was weighted differently. When Alistair handed it to Bill, the pirate seemed to have some difficulty with the hilt. He visibly had to focus, concentrate on holding it.

However, he did so, for several moments, gauging the feel, the weight of the sword. “It’s a hard sword to hold on to,” he remarked handing it back. Alistair told him that its a “family heirloom”, and the pirates accepted that as sufficient explanation.

They began sparring with him, trying to help him figure out how best to use his blade. Though it was a larger, heavier sword than theirs, he was able to wield it as if it weighed considerably less.

Still in the galley, Douglas ingratiated himself with a number of the crew, listening to their stories and sharing some of his stories. He told them about some of his experiences with the Dark Men. Most of the crew were not the originals from Never Never Land, but they shared stories of their own places of origin (some Earth, some other places he’d never heard of) and their time since joining the crew.

He asked about Sssetha, hoping to find out about the being he was going to be working with/for. They told him that he wasn’t a bad sort, just not very friendly, a bit cold, aloof. But fair. When Douglas inquired if it was because he was a cold blooded reptile, he received blank looks from the men.

As the shift changed, others came to the galley for a meal before turning in for the night.

Felicity approached the door, calling out timidly. “ENTER, OR GO,” a deep rumbling voice told her. She hesitated, asking if she was safe entering, and again was told to either choose one or the other.

With a deep breath, she chose to enter, stepping into the doorway. The room was a small hold, that held a large wooden chair. There were several piles of furs and cloths, much like the bedding she’d seen in her earlier expeditions into the lairs of the Dark Men.

Two Dark Men sat, one on either side of the chair, eating (raw meat of some beast) and staring at her. Seated in the chair was a third Dark M… Woman! Her eyes were closed and she was obviously focused with her task, somehow powering the ship.

Felicity stepped in and sat down, cross-legged. The two males, still eating, tearing the raw flesh from the bones with their razor sharp teeth, watched her, saying nothing.

She began asking them questions, asking if she was at danger. They said no. She learned that they had been rescued from the destruction of their lair beneath New York (during the attack by the PCs and The Company forces, back in UP FROM BELOW ) by The King of Nothing.

They followed him and he led them to Never Never Land, where he drained the power, the life from that world. During the fights with the pirates and their allies, these three were captured. When the Jolly Roger fled the dying Never Never Land, the pirates gave them the option to stay on board and work, or walk the plank. (This confirmed what Hook had already told her, Doug and Alistair earlier.)

She learned that they called themselves “*the Folk*”, as well.

Alistair finally decided it was time to find Felicity – his watch couldn’t track her, now there were no operating satellites (and even if there had been, the ship was now beyond the satellites, further from Earth’s surface than they were) and he was starting to worry.

By the time he searched and found his way to the bottom level, Felicity had exited where the Folk were and was deep in thought in the hallway. They quickly exited from the bottom level.

En route, Alistair invited Doug to come along, telling them both, “You have got to see the view.” They went to the deck, where they saw the Moon dominating their view.

Felicity took some photos, as they gazed in amazement. Looking in the other direction, they could see the Earth, getting smaller and smaller.

After enjoying the amazing view, the three of them headed to the sleeping arrangements, the guys each taking a hammock that’d been assigned to them in one of the general sleeping quarters, and Felicity going to the room she was sharing with Jacquotte.

The two ladies talked for a while, Felicity quizzing Jacquotte on many things, most of which embarrassed the younger woman.



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