Born of Blood

"White Rabbit" session three

"For now we see through a glass, darkly."

SESSION: May 21st, 2013

CHARACTERS: Alistair, Felicity

SETTING: Mid-December 1996 – CERN

After The Company team arrives and takes the goblin and Dark Man off their hands, Alistair offers Alex, Marcello and Nigel a position with The Company, working in the laboratories. After some consideration, the three of them agree, with the caveat that they will need several months to complete projects they’ve been working on before they can uproot and move to the United States.

With a day and a half to go before her appointment with Professor Gonzalez, Felicity’s focus is primarily on overseeing the team working on the projects; with Bob brought back in, several of the projects get completed and the team applies their efforts to the remaining ones.

Alistair coordinates with Rodrigo, head of security; the level of alert at CERN is kept high, still anticipating an attempted theft of nuclear fission materials.

Felicity contacts the OCR lab, to check on a copy of the page from the Fallen Angel’s book that came back with her from the Citadel (ages ago, it seems, in ""November Rain" session five": ), only to find out that the lab tech who had accepted the page from her has no memory of her whatsoever!

She convinces him to let her access his logfile, and she sees that there is no log, though she specifically recalled him entering the work into the queue. Hacking into the back up servers reveals that if the log has been altered, the back ups were tampered with as well. She apologises, feigning that she was mistaken, and departs.

Finding Alistair, she discusses the development; Alistair, who had just come from Rodrigo’s office (and had managed to get him to agree to send some video footage on the “project that went haywire” the other day), suggests asking Rodrigo to check the video footage from that lab to see if it, too has been tampered with. (Rodrigo is contacted and agrees to have one of his security people check for them.)

Felicity and Alistair return to her dorm, where she enters a trance, hoping to see if there’s any way to contact the Fallen Angel, thinking there might be a remnant of that persona within her. Inside herself, she doesn’t have any success in that avenue, but does encounter the wolf/tiger/peregrine woman. They discuss, again, her being trapped within Felicity, though she cannot confirm how long she’s been in there as “time is not really an issue here”.

Talk of the Storm Queen, the element/aspect/being that Felicity set free back in “November Rain” comes up. According to WTP woman, she did not have any knowledge or awareness of the Storm Queen until the Storm Queen “broke down whatever walls were separating” them.

Felicity mentions that she will be attempting something in the next evening that might be WTP’s chance to escape – or at least might somehow provide an opportunity. WTP thanks her and says she will be at the ready.

Before she leaves, Felicity feels the presence of another; more distant, colder, aloof and uninterested. WTP doesn’t sense anything, or at least claims as much when asked.

When the disc containing the video of the “Doctor Octopus” arms going crazy arrives, Felicity calls the boys over to watch; pizza and drinks are had and even Bob has a good time. There’s no crying.

The next day, the team completes their work on the last two projects. Felicity arranges for a party at the teams’ favourite pub (the one where Alistair met and interrogated Nilbog) for that evening, but apologises as she has an appointment with Professor Gonzalez’s mirror. Alex, who isn’t a drinker, agrees to accompany Felicity and Alistair that evening.

That evening, the three of them meet with the professor, who brings them into the mirror chamber. The mirror is a column of reflective metal; he explains that it is basically “living quicksilver” and when activated, will reflect… well, he’s not sure what to expect. Thus far, they’ve used it with several people (none having any of her special qualities) and have had completely different results each time – visions of the future, the past, realisations from within opened.

Alex, Alistair and Gonzalez watch from an observation booth filled with a variety of recording/monitoring instruments. Alistair inquired if the recording instruments were hooked up to any backup systems, but the professor (“…and MaryAnn…” sorry) said that he was using tape recording (video, audio and data) and there were no digital backups. He did say that he would arrange for copies to be made for them to take with them.

In the chamber, Felicity watched as the column became active, transforming from a solid column to a fluid one. She sensed that it was not only alive, but sentient, and greeted it. It responded to her (in a voice that only she could hear, though she was talking out loud to it. In the booth, Alistair assured Alex and Gonzalez that this was a regular thing for her), and she learned that it self identified as Joseph.

The mirror changed shape, opening wide, forming a reflective wall in front of her; she saw her regular reflection, then three others – a vague one that she couldn’t quite get any details on; the WTP woman, and the remnants of the Storm Queen (just a wispy formation with a vaguely humanoid form).

In the observation deck, Alistair could see there were multiple reflections – the only ones he could see clearly were Felicity’s physical reflection and the one that was vague to Felicity – he saw that it appeared to be Felicity, but with very different features, almost elfin. (Alistair also could see his own reflection, and noted a dark, almost unnatural tone to it.)

Felicity, too, could see the reflections of those in the observation booth; Alex’s reflection was completely normal, but the other two… Gonzalez seemed to have wires connecting to him from all about, though whether they connected to him or worked him like a marionette, she wasn’t sure. And Alistair’s… well, what she saw was pretty horrific. (And left for a later reveal.)

Despite the unsettling nature of Alistair’s reflection (as she perceived it), Felicity returned her attention to her reflections. She noticed another reflection, this one a dark-haired and hued woman, who seemed either impatient or displeased, if not both.

Felicity decided to try something – she had the idea to reach into the mirror and draw everyone together in an embrace, so to speak. The moment she touched the liquid surface of the mirror, her perception was heightened, and in the distance, she could see more, other.

Other Felicitys standing in other mirror chambers. At first there were dozens, but then when she focused her attentions, she could see hundreds, if not even more than that. Many were similar to where she stood – a woman of twenty-one years of age being observed by three men in an observation deck.

But… there were many that were different. Variations, some minor, some major. Over there, there were only two men in the observation deck – Gonzalez and Alex. Over there, no Alex but there was an Alistair. And that one, why… why was Doug there, too? If he was there in one, then perhaps… yes, there were several with Diego (some with Doug and Alistair and Alex, some with just a couple of those. All the other scenes had Professor Gonzalez, though in at least one the professor was a woman!)

She stared in wonder, distracted by the variations – were these different timelines? There were Felicitys of differing ages, late 20s there, even 30s, 40s and 50s in several.

Finally, she returned her attention to what she was attempting to do. However, there seemed to be some resistance from the group of reflections in front of her. At least one of them was keeping her from being able to bring her arms together, to draw them all within.

She appealed to them… and what was said worked, as she was able to draw them in.

There was a bright flash. The men in the observation booth had to shield their eyes.

Felicity saw the dig at Smyrna. The first dig she’d been allowed to accompany her parents on. The dig where she unearthed the amethyst that she had paid Festigkeit with when the dwarf transported everyone to Faerie for Diego’s Oathswearing ceremony back in “Up From Below”. The very same amethyst Festigkeit had given back to her as a birthday present in “November Rain”.

The dig where she last saw her mother. She saw, from her own point of view, as she lay on a bed, sick. Dying. Her parents were uspet. Traumatised. Their child was dying!

Then, the dark woman was there. The dark and severe woman, the one Felicity saw amongst her reflections. And the sick and dying Felicity understood that this woman was there to help… but somehow, this was causing her mother to cry just as much as before. Why was mother so upset if the woman was there to help?

And help she did. But… for some reason, Felicity’s mother had to leave. That was the last time she ever saw her mother. And even though, deep down, Felicity had always known this, this all hit her like a brick wall.

As the men exited the booth to check on her, she found herself back in the here and now. She felt fine, the instruments recording her vitals confirmed that she was well. The men, however, were staring at her ears, which had grown long and pointed, like an elf’s. At this revelation, Felicity was horrified and fled to her room to hide.

She called Marcello, who was at the pub with the rest of the team, still celebrating the completion of their work. She demanded that he come immediately, not giving any explanation, and when he arrived, worried and confused, she showed him her ears, but they seemed normal to him (though Alistair and Alex could still see them.)

Overjoyed at this, Felicity agreed to go to the pub with Marcello; Alex and Alistair accompanied them, and food and drink and merriment was had. (Nigel, who also had been able to see the goblin, was staring at Felicity’s ears. Alistair and Felicity took him aside for a private conversation, in which he revealed that his family claimed to have “elfin blood” down the line, and this was why he’d always been able to see things like goblins and Felicity’s pointed ears.)

And so ends “Songs of Magic and Mayhem,” BOOK ONE of BORN OF BLOOD



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