Born of Blood

"White Rabbit" session one

I'm going home!!!

SESSION: May 14th, 2013

CHARACTERS: Alistair, Felicity

SETTING: Mid-December 1996 – The Toilet Boyz’ base, CERN

For several weeks after the end of “November Rain”, the characters’ lives have been hectic. The Company had its hands full, dealing with 100+ confused, even frightened employees who had some very strange experiences surrounding the masquerade party – and though they didn’t recall everything, many of them remembered more than enough to be frightened, their entire concept of reality having been challenged.

All three active PCs were brought in regularly to consult, help the confused operatives come to terms with what happened, as well as being extensively debriefed on what transpired. (Though, to whatever degree, they, too, seemed to have a less than complete recollection of their experiences. The more time that passed, the vaguer and more ‘dream-like’ their recollections of their time as the Fallen Angel, Detective Domino and the Highwayman Cyrus became.)

Finally, the Company cleared for Felicity to visit CERN, where she had been prior to Alistair being sent to fetch her back in the early summer – not even six months, but almost a lifetime ago. Since Felicity’s father, in the brief conversation he had with Alistair, had not gotten around to dismissing Alistair’s charge to protect her, he insisted on coming along with her.

But, first, Alistair had a small matter to take care of. When he told Felicity he needed to visit the Toilet Boyz, she insisted on coming along. Reluctantly, he agreed.

They made their way to Spanish Harlem, where the Boyz’ base (a dilapidated plumbing supply store) is located. Seeing the front door had been replaced (after Alistair had kicked it in on the previous visit), Alistair decided to ring the door bell. Pressing the button resulted in a pirate shanty tune being played loudly in the upstairs area, then the pitter-patter of small feet running down the stairs.

One of the young Toilet Boyz’ (of a pair of twins, seemingly ten years or so of age) answered the door; at seeing Felicity, the urge to be rude to Alistair changed to curiosity about her. Her identity was never fully divulged, and there was some comic play about how she was introduced.

Alistair asked if “Tony” had been contacted; again, they asserted that there was no such person affiliated with the gang. He then pulled out a bag of marbles, the ones he had ‘acquired’ from the Toilet Boy who had thrown them down the stairs in an attempt to trip him up during his ascent the first time he visited.

A Toilet Boy called “Toots” came forth, delighted to see that he hadn’t lost his marbles for good, and after counting them/inspecting the bag, he thanked Alistair. That being done, Alistair bid them goodbye, and they (once the door was shut and locked), bid him “asssssshoooooolllleeeee!”

The trip to CERN was uneventful; they took a private Company jet and flew directly to Geneva. Alistair traveled under a false identity (as a member in good standing with the IRA, there are warrants out for his arrest.)

Felicity seemed almost a different person, even on the plane ride over. Her clothing and fashion became more practical and casual. She seemed less aloof and irritated with things in general. The closer they got to their destination, the more obvious the change became.

At the science labs in CERN, she was well received by the staff and scientists. She quickly shoved Alistair off on one of the administrative staff, using the limited access areas to keep him from being her constant shadow. She quickly resumed her role amongst the lab staffers as muse and coordinator.

Several days passed; Felicity spent every waking hour amongst her lab rats. Alistair was given a tour of several of the complexes on the compound and then treated himself to a tour of the local pubs. Progress was made on several projects that Felicity had been designing over the past month or two, little gadgets for the PCs.

One day, having lunch at one of the local pubs, Alistair was surprised to see a Goblin walking freely amongst the patrons, swiping food from their plates, though nobody seemed to notice (except for one patron, part of Felicity’s team, a guy named Bob – he didn’t see the goblin, but he distinctly noticed his food disappearing, though his cohorts assured him he must have eaten it.)

Alistair was surprised, not only that there was a goblin there, but that he could see it himself – the previous time that he’d encountered a goblin it had been invisible to him (but not Felicity or Diego.) When the goblin came to his table, to try to steal some of Alistair’s fries, the Irishman stopped him and they had a conversation.

The conversation involved ‘lubricating’ the golbin (who introduced himself as Nilbog) with alcohol and filling his belly with fries, but Alistair learned that the goblin was there as part of an attempt to steal some nuclear fission equipment from CERN. This was part of a greater scheme, orchestrated by a goblin shaman named Snark. Snark’s plan was to created an inter-dimensional portal so that the goblin people and their Goblin King could come over to Earth, as they were tired of being lorded over by the Sidhe and Trolls and Dwarves in Faerie.

Alistair also learned that the goblins wanted to rule over the humans on Earth… and all of this was basically the fault of Doug and Diego, who had saved Snark’s life from the Dark Men back in “Borderlands”, and had somehow planted the seeds of this idea with the shaman.

Having completed his interrogation, Alistair said his goodbyes to the goblin and called Felicity; he gave her the basic details of what happened and she put him in touch with Rodrigo, the head of security at CERN. Alistair met with him, though he was careful not to tell the Spaniard about goblins, and couched his information in a way that would be palatable to the security man. Precautions against targeted theft were put into place.

Felicity, having an appointment to consult with Professor Gonzalez (whom Brother Alex had said might be able to assist her with her journey of self-discovery) the following morning, left the lab to catch some sleep. She encountered Alistair (who had just finished up with Rodrigo) and they grabbed some dinner and then returned to her quarters to catch some zeds (Alistair on the couch, of course.)



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