Born of Blood

SESSION: April 30th, 2013

CHARACTERS: Cyrus the Highwayman, Detective Joe Domino, The Fallen Angel

SETTING: The Citadel (the transformed Tea Party Ball Room)

Cyrus the Highwayman traveled by horseback from the Forest of Carnagh, and arrived at The Citadel, looking for a She-Wolf. The She-Wolf knew where he could find a key. A key that would unlock a treasure. A treasure that would heal a girl.

Detective Domino left The City in his trusty car. He drove down the long winding road from The City to The Citadel. There, he was told, he could find the Tiger’s Eye Crystal. It was, supposedly, an artifact of some great power. It was needed to heal a girl. He was the man to find it.

The Fallen Angel had traveled the world, seeing many places and people. She had committed the greatest crime an angel could, she fell in love with a person. Loved them more than God. And so, she had been punished, her wings cut. She found herself wandering the world, many of her memories gone. Recording everything she could in her journal. Learning so much about so many things, but seeking one of three things – her wings (so she could become an angel again and return to Heaven), the person she loved (if she had to be cast down from Heaven, at least she could have love), or, barring those two, an end.

Surely, one of those things could be found in The Citadel.

The Citadel is comprised of two towers, with a large courtyard between. The courtyard is a great bazaar, and it is filled with hundreds, perhaps a thousand people and creatures, buying and selling and thieving and performing and haggling and gawking.

Over there, a Leprechaun kicked a highwayman in the arse. And there, a plague doctor walked, given a wide berth by most. Bruce Lee walked amongst the crowd. The Shadow was over there, knowing what evil lurked in the hearts of men. An African god of hunting could be seen, as well as a black cat, a World War One soldier, a fortune teller, firebreathers, jugglers, and yes, even a tribe of Mongol warriors.

The Fallen Angel (who didn’t even remember her name) searched the crowd, hoping to find her true love… or her wings. The other option wasn’t a pleasant one to think about.

The highwayman cursed the leprechaun, who got away. He looked for the wolf, but she was nowhere to be seen.

The detective sought audience with the seneschal of the court and was waiting for his appointed time.

The Mad Hatter thought all of this was really quite keen.

Paths crossed, there were many shenanigans.

All the while the great clock in the center of the courtyard counted down to zero…

When the three main characters came across each other, they felt some strange sensation. Not quite, but almost recognition. But not exactly that, either. When they ran into some of the others, it happened too.

Oxossi, the African hunting god, called Detective Domino by the name “Doug”. The detective did not know why this strange man was doing this, but it bothered him greatly, and he avoided the African hunter as much as possible.

The Fallen Angel encountered several people who seemed to trigger some reaction, deep within her being, but none more strongly than the plague doctor. She felt an urge to seek comfort in his arms, but she knew he was not the one she loved… yet, still, she could not explain the powerful reaction. She found the emotions she was experiencing (having become mortal, or at least somewhat so, having Fallen, she was new to emotions) to be very difficult and was overwhelmed for a time.

The highwayman, after crossing paths with the detective (and trading warnings with each other), caught up with the Leprechaun. He caught him and demanded that he give him an answer – “Where is the She-Wolf?”

The leprechaun replied that the She-Wolf was the black cat. The highwayman left to try to track down the cat, and the leprechaun tried to send the detective after the highwayman.

The detective had his audience with the seneschal, and learned that the Goblin King of The Citadel had the Tiger’s Eye crystal in his possession. Detective Domino asked if there was any way he could borrow it, and explained the urgency. The seneschal said that the only way the Goblin King would consent to loan the crystal was if a specific token was delivered to him – the Key to Lost Dreams. The Key was believed to be somewhere in the bazaar and were Detective Domino to find it, he could borrow the crystal.

The highwayman bought a raw fish and moved about the bazaar, hoping to catch the cat. The Fallen Angel heard him calling out, “Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” and told him she had seen a cat. They went off together to find it.

The detective decided he needed to speak to the highwayman about his assault upon the leprechaun, and followed them.

They entered the other tower and words were had. The leprechaun taunted them from above. The detective determined that the highwayman’s rough handling of the leprechaun was warranted.

A black cat was seen dashing down the stairs to the dungeon. They caught up with her.

At this point, Douglas finally broke through the Detective Domino personality. He spoke to Alistair and Felicity, but only The Fallen Angel was beginning to remember her true self. The Fallen Angel read the thoughts of the cat and learned that there was a key in the mask of the plague doctor.

A mad dash back to the bazaar ensued. The plague doctor was approached and the key obtained. Cyrus, still not truly recalling that he was Alistair, squared off against Doug/Domino, saying he needed the key to unlock a treasure that would heal a girl. (Somewhere in there, Doug spoke to Oxossi, telling him that Diego was still working on freeing the god from the totem.)

Doug insisted that he knew where the treasure was and the girl was Felicity/The Fallen Angel. Cyrus fought a battle within until he finally decided to trust Doug/Domino, though it went against so much of his instincts.

With minutes remaining as the clock in the bazaar was almost at zero, they dashed to the throne room. There, Doug gave the seneschal the key. The seneschal went to speak to the king, but the highwayman was impatient and urged Doug and Felicity to not wait. They broke down the door to the Goblin King’s bath chamber, where the enormous, five hundred plus pound goblin was being bathed by his attendants.

Griping about the rude manners of these people, the king coughed up (literally) the crystal and gave it to Doug.

The clock struck zero as Doug touched The Fallen Angel with the crystal.

Everyone woke up in their beds, Doug in his bedroom at the pawn shop, Felicity and Alistair in their respective bedrooms in the penthouse. A door was kicked open, phone calls were made and received, voice mail was even left.

Doug brought the crystal over and Felicity knew she had to take it with her when she and Alistair went to Switzerland.

There is still fall out to be learned, but worth mentioning is that Alistair’s great-great-grand-uncle Seamus (who had been the World War One soldier) had woken up a man in his early twenties.

The GM would like to salute and thank his players for a most incredible session. This recap does not REMOTELY capture all that happened and how excellent everyone was at their new, temporary characters. Thank you, my friends, for making this even better than I had hoped.



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