Born of Blood

SESSION: April 23rd, 2013

CHARACTERS: Alistair Sweeney, Douglas Grant, Felicity Jaiden

SETTING: New York City, several locales – The Toilet Boyz hangout (an abandoned bathroom fixture shop in Spanish Harlem), the Jaiden penthouse, the Tea Party Ball Room

Monday, November 18th, 1996:

Felicity prepares for her tattoo; she’s hoping to use this as a bridge for a vision quest, to delve into herself. She’s invited Mojo, Joie, Festigkeit and Cranston to attend, as well as the tattoo artist.

While she’s busy with that, Alistair decides that this would be a good time to go visit his new charges, the Toilet Boyz. He brings Doug along for back-up, as he’s not sure what to expect from the gang of youths.

Felicity soon slips into a vision quest, finding herself in an amazing wind storm, buffeted around wildly. She senses there’s some land, or at least a stable surface, and manages to direct her body through the wind (it’s so strong, it’s like a blizzard, but instead of snow, the air is full of natural debris – sand/dirt, leaves, twigs and the like) to the stable surface/ground. Several times, she hears the screeching of a peregrine.

Walking through the wind takes great effort, but she manages to follow the sound of the peregrine, and finds it sitting atop a solitary tree. Attempting to engage the bird in conversation does no good.

Meanwhile, Alistair and Doug (the latter using his ability to turn invisible to the naked eye) enter the home base of the Toilet Boyz. Kicking the front door in, they make their presence known and are soon greeted by two teenagers, an older one named Rufus, and a younger mid-teen whose name never comes up.

Somehow, Rufus can see Doug (and possibly the other one can as well.) They demand to know who the intruders are. Alistair and Doug take a dominant approach, but the boys only seem to be intimidated by Doug (and nowhere nearly as much as the two adults would have expected.) Tension is high and Alistair ends up pinning Rufus against the wall, a knife against the teen’s throat and gut before long.

In the vision quest, Felicity encounters someone/something else – a woman, seemingly of similar physical appearance (not exact, but close enough to be a family member, were it not for the bluish skin and hair made of wind and leaves.) They talk, and she, too, tells Felicity that she was trapped there by Felicity herself, though our vision questing young lady has no idea about any of this.

Eventually, Felicity proposes to free her, suggesting they merge. “I’m sick of being schizophrenic, I don’t know about you,” she tells her other self(?). They agree, and summoning a key, Felicity unlocks the bonds that have the other trapped there.

Eventually, after dealing with booby traps and an attempt to trip him up with marbles, Alistair gains access to the upstairs of the Toilet Boyz domain. He insists that Rufus summon the rest of the gang, and the boy (accompanied by Doug), goes to the rooftop and crows like a rooster. There is crowing in response from several different directions. (While on the rooftop, Doug notes a strange storm formation over one part of the city, in the more affluent section of town.)

The Toilet Boyz gather; still, they insist that “Tony”, whom Alistair was told was the leader, isn’t there, that there is no Tony. There is talk of the adults helping out the boys; they even learn of the name of a rival gang that is their biggest problem.

Eventually, Alistair tires of dealing with the boys (who number ten in total, it seems, though he was under the impression it was closer to 15) and leaves his card (pinned to the wall with one of his knives) in case they need to contact him.

Felicity comes out of her vision quest, to find the penthouse a mess. The others tell her that a small storm broke out inside the penthouse, great wind blowing everything about. Mojo, a shaman with fire and wind affinity, said that even his abilities weren’t enough to do more than keep the damage from being any worse. Clean-up begins.

Saturday, November 23rd, 1996:

Party guests start arriving at the Tea Party Ball Room at 7pm. All told, there are over 150 expected – approximately one hundred employees of The Company, several dozen academic peers and associates of Felicity’s father, plus other guests. The Mongols invited Doug to come along with them.

The Mongols dressed up as actual Mongols, Doug wore a powder blue polyester suit and a domino mask. Mojo dressed as the African hunting god Oxossi (who, unbeknownst to Mojo, Doug and Diego had encountered back in “Welcome to the Jungle” .) Joie was a cat, Festigkeit a leprechaun, Cranston dressed as The Shadow, Donny chose to go as Bruce Lee, the owner attended as The Mad Hatter, there was a plague doctor and more.

Entertainment was varied, from musicians to performers (think of a gothic version of Cirque de Soleil), flame breathers, sword-swallowers, and so much more.

Felicity (accompanied by Alistair, who was dressed as a highwayman with a Cyrano masque) made her grand entrance in an extravagant fashion – they arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. Felicity’s costume was themed as a ‘fallen angel’, with henna’d wings on her back.

Presents were given, notably Festigkeit returning the stone she gave him for passage to Faerie back in “Up From Below”, the Mongols gave her a cut proclaiming her an honorary probie. Joie was fixing up a motorcycle for her. Alistair’s Great-great-grand-uncle Seamus brought her a cutting of the flower she was fascinated by from his garden.

The biggest present was from The Company members present, led by Cranston; together, they had pooled their resources and worked off the clock to arrange her father to visit – it was he in the plague doctor costume. Felicity, who hadn’t seen him in many months (if not longer), was delighted (though she begged him to take her with him.)

Sadly, he told her that he couldn’t, and she had to stay here. He was only there for a few hours, before he would have to leave to return to the archaeological dig that he’d been at the past several months.

There was one gift left, though nobody knew whom it was from. Opening it, Felicity found a blue crystal orb. Touching it, looking into it seemed to awaken the orb, which cracked, then shattered, though the fragments hovered, maintaining a relatively spherical formation, though strange wisps exited from the gaps between.

As the wisps moved quickly through the ballroom, the building and the people within began to change!

The Mongols biker gang, dressed as Mongols BECAME actual Mongols. Joie, a woman in a cat suit, became an actual cat. Doug watched in amazement as Mojo went from being Mojo in a tribal costume to the exact image of Oxossi. There was an actual two foot tall leprechaun running about, and so on.

The building transformed, too, becoming a Citadel. Outside changed as well, the parking lot and the city disappearing. In it’s place a rocky terrain, with a large forest in one direction, and a huge city in the other, appeared.

The session ended with the wisps grabbing our three player characters, transforming them into the concepts behind their costumes…



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