Born of Blood

SESSION: April 16th, 2013 (There were no cupcakes. I cried.)

CHARACTERS: Alistair Sweeney, Douglas Grant, Felicity Jaiden

SETTING: I-95 northbound, on the way back to NY; then various locales in NYC including Alistair’s apartment, Felicity’s penthouse, the pawn shop, the Tea Party Ball Room and the federal building. A series of dates running starting Saturday, Nov 9th, 1996 and running though most of the following week.

On the way back from Maryland, Felicity receives a phone call from Donny. Donny has been managing all the plans for Felicity’s 21st birthday gala on the 23rd of the month. He informs her that they have an appointment on Wednesday the 13th with Mr. Edwin Milliner, the owner/operator of the Tea Party Ball Room, the location of the upcoming masquerade ball.

Then, to Felicity’s surprise, Donny asks if Doug is with them. He is, and reluctantly, she hands her phone to him.

Donny informs Doug that some men, allegedly from the National Security Agency, were at the pawn shop earlier, asking questions. Donny explained to Doug that he had prevaricated, saying that he’d not seen Douglas in several days, suggesting that he’d been overwrought by Diego’s death and had made noises about leaving town/going camping for a while to process things.

Alarmed and concerned, Doug told Alistair what was going on. Alistair offered Doug the use of his personal apartment (which he didn’t use, as he was staying in a guest room at Felicity’s while on assignment to protect her). Douglas agreed and had Alistair drop him off several blocks from the pawn shop; he used his power to cloak himself from sight to approach the pawn shop and saw an obvious car across the street, keeping eye on the shop.

After playing a little havoc with the vehicle, Doug went in the pawn shop and spoke to Donny, let him know where he was going to be and left.

While Alistair was meeting Doug at the apartment and giving him a spare key, Felicity called Joie’s shop. She spoke to Joie, inviting her to the upcoming birthday party, and then asked if Mojo was available. He was, and Felicity spoke to him about the possibility of using tattooing as stimulus to allow her to cross over into a vision quest, hoping to find out more about her other self/what was locked within.

Mojo told her that it was possible to do so, but it would have be a traditional method, as opposed to using a modern gun, which was faster and not as painful. He offered to make an appointment with such an artist, if she decided to go that route.

Over the next several days, Douglas stalked the men watching the shop. He cornered one in a movie theatre, asking why they wanted to speak to Douglas Grant. The agent, Mister Brown, said they were to bring him in for questioning regarding the death of retired Major Lawrence Baird, the commanding officer who had sent Doug on the mission during Operation Desert Storm that ended up in Douglas’ discharge from the US Army. The Major’s death looked like a suicide, but obviously the government didn’t believe that was the case.

On Wednesday the 13th, at 10:06am, Alistair, Donny and Felicity arrived at the Tea Party Ball Room, to meet with Mr. Milliner, a very short, balding gentleman in his fifties or sixties. He greeted them, introductions were made, and he took them inside the ballroom to show them about. Discussions included layout concerns and the like. Arrangements and agreements were made, a deposit was paid, and things proceeded apace.

Douglas contacted Alistair, talking to him about his situation. Alistair put Doug in touch with Cranston, who offered Douglas the services of a Company lawyer. Cranston had the lawyer contact the NSA and determined that things seemed on the up-and-up (Douglas was concerned this was some sort of shadow op out to get him – after being sold up the river in Iraq, he’s understandably a bit paranoid when it comes to dealing with the government.)

The following day, Douglas agreed to meet with the lawyer at the federal building to sit down with the agents and answer questions and make a statement regarding his whereabouts on October 31st and November 1st. Fortunately for him, he’d been working and could provide some witness to back up his statements if necessary.

At the federal building, Douglas was amazed to find out that his attorney was none other than Luther Mason Simonson! While he and Diego had long suspected there was a lot more to the leader of The Mongols biker gang than what you saw at first glance, he had no earthly idea that the man was a lawyer.

The questioning went smoothly and within a couple hours, Douglas was on his way back to collect his belongings from Alistair’s and head back to the pawn shop.

Felicity settled on doing the tattoo, and after making some related arrangements with Cranston, regarding some nanotech The Company had that she needed, contacted Joie, Mojo and Festigkeit to ask them to attend her tattooing on the following Monday, November 18th. They agreed, and Mojo contacted the tattoo artist to schedule that evening for her.

All the while, it kept raining in New York City…



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