Born of Blood

"November Rain" session two

Escaping the rain...

SESSION: April 9th, 2013 (There were cupcakes. With oreos inside. And more, but you don’t deserve to know the yummy goodness F made for us.)

CHARACTERS: Alistair Sweeney, Douglas Grant, Felicity Jaiden

SETTING: New York City, then the Shrine of Saint Anthony (Ellicott City, MD) November 8th and 9th, 1996

Felicity was still waiting to hear from Mojo, hoping to speak to him before she went to Maryland to meet with Brother Alex, the man Seamus had referred her to, someone he hoped could help her try to unlock her other self.

Alistair received a phone call from Cranston, telling him to bring Douglas along on their trip to Maryland. The Irishman kept this from Felicity until the last minute. Literally.

Mojo, having recently returned to town, and having received the message from Joie to call Felicity, did so. She invited him to come by the penthouse for dinner and conversation, so he did. When she explained that her dream self had said that she was locked away by her, he suggested that perhaps a vision quest might be the way to unlock some secrets, if not her actual other self.

However, at learning the standard methods of attaining the spiritual separation of a vision quest (drugs, extreme amounts of alcohol, sexual activity or violence), Felicity was rather turned off on that approach. Not showing this to him, she thanked Mojo for his help, and his offer of further assistance, should she be willing to attempt using drugs to try to achieve a vision quest experience.

The next morning, they picked up Douglas (much to Felicity’s dismay, as she really does not care much for him – and the feeling is fairly mutual, it seems) and drove to Maryland. For the first time in over a week, they saw sunny skies – the rain over the greater NYC area was still continuing, having started at 12:01am on 11/1/96.

At the Shrine of Saint Anthony of Padua (wikipedia article), Felicity met with Brother Alex, the librarian of the monastery, and also an occultist and acquaintance of *Seamus*’s. While Doug and Alistair chatted amongst themselves, following at a distance, Felicity and the monk talked at length, discussing her situation.

Brother Alex suggested that she should find out more about her other self – he brought up the possibility that it might be some trickster – not even her other self, but another creature trying to play her. (He did not necessarily believe this was the case, just brought it up to suggest that before releasing it, it would behoove her to discover more about said being.)

While walking the garden at the monastery, Felicity saw a flower that distinctly reminded her of the animated flower she encountered at Seamus’ estate. Rushing back (leaving Alex behind in mid-sentence), she checked upon the flower, which somehow seemed to be the exact duplicate in appearance and animation as the one in Glens Falls, NY – if not the same one!

After speaking to the flower (which did not speak back as it is, after all, just a flower), Felicity followed Alex back to his office, and he gave her the name and contact information of a scientist, Alberto Gonzalez, who was working on a project incorporating occult knowledge at CERN. His project was an attempt to create a “true mirror”, something that should help her divine something about her other self.



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