BORN OF BLOOD is a “dark urban fantasy” game I’m running, using the new World of Darkness/Storytelling rules (but not the official setting – the setting is all mine and has NOTHING to do with any other setting, official or otherwise.)

The game revolves around the four PCs – Douglas (a former Army Sergeant from the Gulf War), Diego (a pawn shop owner/criminal fence with dreams of becoming a crime lord), Alistair (an IRA soldier on loan to a mysterious “Company”) and Felicity (an affluent young woman, plucked out of her life of comfort and dragged back to New York.)

BORN IN BLOOD is currently (March 2013) winding up BOOK ONE of the story. We started playing late Summer 2012, with the Prologue (which took place in late 1995.) BOOK ONE started with the game year being 1996, in the late Winter/early Spring of that year. Story Four of BOOK ONE, “November Rain”, is set during November 1996.

The game uses the New World of Darkness book, and cobbling powers from various other nWoD books, including (but not limited to) Second Sight, Vampire: The Requiem. There’s a lot of house-ruling and free and flexible rule play going on.

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Born of Blood